Marina Roca Die, born in 1988 in Madrid, is a visual artist primarily working with painting and drawing. Marina currently lives and works in Berlin.

Be it through thick strokes of oil paint, heavily fixating the figure of a body onto the canvas, or flimsy pen-drawn contours of an intercourse, what is essential in Marina’s work is the on-going exploration and examination of this thing we all so simply call a body.

A body, the body, our bodies – a phenomenon so fundamental and basic in our lives and still, in the flesh, so imperceptible. We live through it, in it, with it and sometimes against it. We cannot live without it. It is a perpetual paradox: I am not my body and yet I do not exist without it. It is a vessel containing all that is I, but still ceaselessly this I overflows its enclosing borders.

Through representations employed from diverse branches as for example Philosophy, Psychoanalysis and Feminism, Marina digs deep into the perplexed territory of the body, its inside, its outside, its shapes, textures and content using it in search of the strong image.

In the end, what all these images, representations capture is the fact that a body is never just a body.